5 top tips for creating a great dinner party atmosphere

The 5 Most Important tips for creating a Great Dinner Party Atmosphere


Everyone loves a great dinner party. They are probably one of the singularly most effective ways to build friendships and open up meaningful conversation. Jesus ate regularly with people He was trying to build a relationship with, help or share kingdom thoughts with. But other than good food and good friends, what else can we do to create a great dinner party atmosphere?


By far the most important part of a great dinner party is a relaxed and hospitable host, ready to fully enjoy the people around the table. Great dinner party warmth begins and ends with the spirit of the host. If I am stressed, if I am aiming at perfection, trying to pull off the greatest ever dish, if I am fussing around at the last minute, we generally lose sight of the moment, our guests.

Which leads me onto the next important point :


“… to cook some exotic Japanese dish that you’re not even sure how to pronounce and had never laid eyes on until you opened Google 5 minutes ago. Cook something you’re confident with. Don’t try a recipe for the first time (unless you are in fact, Jamie)” BBC good food

Instead set out some simple nibble food on a coffee table (such an easy thing to do and a great way to start the easy relaxed and chatty); have some or all of the meal ready before hand; and know what drinks you have and offer on arrival. Simple, prepared and you will relax and enjoy!


Setting the table before your guests arrive is one of the most significant things you can do to show you are ready for a great evening and value your guests. Place mats, cutlery, wine glasses and water glasses, some colour (maybe a flower/s), napkins (preferably cloth as it adds a touch of class), and … don’t forget the candles … which leads me nicely onto :


Lighting sets the atmosphere. Even if you have no mood lighting, no dimmer switch, you can turn off the ceiling lights, put out a table lamp somewhere and light the candles. Such an easy thing to do, such a game changer! Try candles outside the front door too – it makes a statement before they even come in…. And :


Last but, absolutely not the least. Turn on the music! What’s your favourite ‘relax’ music? We have a range of things we listen to from JP Cooper, to Jason Mraz, to blues/classical/jazz combinations, to name just a few. If you want a little up tempo but not too overwhelming, try some latin music. Music fills the silences, increases the volume of the chatter and adds a sense of motion to the evening.

Whether you do all this or not, remember, be you, be appropriate for your stage of life, and be relaxed! Enjoy your dinner party

Written by: Steve Warren

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