What did you Expect?


Christmas is packed full of expectations – a few fun free days, parties with friends and family, maybe gifts, snow, movies, carols, … some we look forward to, others maybe less so.

The Christmas story is packed with expectations. We even use the English word ‘expecting’ when referring to a woman who is pregnant. But Mary was expecting in more ways than one – she was not just expecting a child, but someone who would change the plot line of the human story.

Jesus was the greatest plot twist to the greatest story ever written : the story of the ways and purpose of humanity.

The shepherds had expectations, that promises would be fulfilled as the angel said. The Wise men travelled for months in expectation that the baby was a special King. Herod was expecting a threat!

What are you expecting?

Expectation determines outcome. Expectation is the DNA of faith – it is the substance and sure knowledge of a future hope coming to pass (Hebrews 11:1)

Our expectations determine our faith, which determines future reality. Some people have no real expectation for their future, because they have no hopes to build their expectation upon. However, in the absence of hope we still have expectations – that our future will be more of what we have now – no change.

Now let’s apply this to Christmas. What are you expecting for your friends and family this Christmas? Are we fully expecting that Christmas will impact them this year? Are we expecting peace in a family situation that has been complicated before? Are we expecting them to be standing with us in Church, finding new life in Christ? Can we imagine this? Let’s imagine this!

Our imagination feeds our expectation. Our imagination is switched on as we read the Bible and allow the promises of God and the goodness of God and the wonder of God and the power of God to impact our lives.

Let’s have a full expectation that this Christmas our friend, a family member will find Christ in Christmas. AND don’t expect that Christmas for your friends and family will be just the same as it always has been.

Let this challenge :

1. Our praying – pray with expectation, pray with faith, pray seeing and believing.

2. Our tone – expectation effects how our communication. When you invite someone to a Christmas service, expectation causes you to do it with a certain tone of confidence, joy and a compelling expression, that you would love for them to be there.

3. Our Follow through – when we have expectation we follow through on our invite – we bring them, we ask what they got out of it, we invite them back another time. We follow through.

What are you expecting this Christmas?

I am believing that in the New Year we will have a conversation about a friend of yours that found Christ this Christmas and I will reply “What did you expect?” !!

Written by: Steve Warren



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