Share my Faith – Help!

For some reason so many of us see the idea of sharing our faith as a huge obstacle. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

The more tense we are about what to say, when to say it and how to say it, the more unnatural we become. People don’t want our best presentation, they want our authenticity.

Jesus said start witnessing first in Jerusalem and then beyond. Where is your ‘Jerusalem’. Our family, our neighbours, our colleagues and the people we meet from day to day. It is the people closest to our lives. Those who can see our authenticity. They see our faith in genuine action in our lives, through our strengths and our weaknesses.

So sharing your faith is not just about the words you speak.

You are actually sharing your faith through the way you live, the ethics you have and the way you respond to challenges. When we are at school or in the workplace people are watching our lives. So the question then is are we living out what we believe? Is my faith showing through the way I live?

So if it is our life that speaks, it is also our life that speaks!!

You do that by sharing your stories.
No matter how “ordinary” yours may seem, we’ve all got a story to tell and you never know what it can mean to someone until you share it. Jesus often talked in parables so people could better grasp God’s plans, instructions and power. In the same way, you can use personal experiences and stories to relate to others and tell them about Christ.

Keep in mind, though, that most people will only give you a few minutes of attention. It is a good exercise to write down a story. It focusses what the key elements are, making it easier to express

  • What was life like before you accepted Christ? Or what was your situation like that you journeyed through with Christ.
  • How did you receive Christ? Why did you choose to put your trust in Christ? What did you do to let Christ make a difference to you in your challenge?
  • How has life changed accepting Christ? What difference did it make going through the situation with him?

The cool thing is you don’t need to make your story, or the gospel more cool! The bible is already relevant. It is already cool. The gospel speaks to every culture, background and generation.

Our job is to plant seeds. When you take an opportunity to share a story, or let someone know you are praying for them, or tell someone that God is interested in them and their situation, when you invite someone to Church, then you are planting seeds.

You cannot determine their response, but you can plant seeds and God does water these seeds!

God opens doors for you

Let the Holy Spirit do His work, He opens doors, creates opportunities. He does the follow-up too. We get involved of course, but let’s realise He is at work.

When He opens the door be ready to plant a seed, show His love, share a story or explain the reason for your hope and faith:

– life was inadequate on your own, flawed and lacking the hope of heaven
– I needed to accept I had tried living without God, I needed to change my mind,accepting I wanted and needed Him
– an incredible change took place in my heart, I became a new person, the person God always intended me to be. In relationship with Him, forgiven, with a sense of purpose and the certain hope of heaven.

You can do that – be you, be natural, let the Holy Spirit equip you

Written by: Steve Warren



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